Everyone likes to do a little DIY. Whether you have a Pinterest board for your inspirations or an old-fashioned notebook with doodles, DIY is fun and for the whole family! What about turning those DIY thoughts and ideas towards making your own toys for cats? Your furbabies will love any toys you make for them!

As we’ve mentioned before, playing with your cat is very important. Both kittens and adult cats need rewarding and stimulating play with owner to strengthen bonds and help our feline friends channel their energy towards productive activities. Regular play with owner provides your cat with a stimulating environment which will make for a very healthy and incredibly happy cat!

Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to entertain a cat. Sometimes, the toys for cats are simple household items such as a crumpled ball of paper, an empty cardboard box, or a pen left innocently on the edge of a desk. Cats can play with anything!

Have you ever purchased a brand new catnip mouse toy for cat and then kitty goes and ignores the catnip mouse in favor of batting the packaging around? Well, that’s the first step to DIY-ing your own toys for cats. Be it crumpled paper or plastic ring from a milk container, there are tons of options to choose from.

Ping-pong balls or (clean) corks are also neat DIY toys for cats. Kitty definitely appreciates anything they can bat around the room and chase. What about paper bags? These crinkly bags are good for pouncing, hiding, and other fun, interactive play.

Want more than bouncy balls and crinkly paper bags as your DIY toys for cats?

Create a cardboard box cat castle for your kitty and include lots of toys for interactive play. Take cardboard boxes and fasten them together– make sure the structure is sturdy so your kitty won’t accidentally hurt themselves. Then, attach lure toys from upper levels or a race track for a ball that kitty can chance, pounce, and play. You could also add scraps of carpet to a sturdy side of the DIY cardboard castle so kitty has somewhere safe to scratch.

If you are particularly crafty and sewing DIY inclined, then you could cut out your own patterns in felt or other soft materials and make little squishy toys for cats which could be infused with catnip to entice kitty to play. Catnip can be a great way to get your kitty to play but each cat reacts differently to catnip. Some cats are not affected by catnip at all while others get over-stimulated and begin a more aggressive play while other cats completely relax. Each cat is different!

When DIY-ing your own toys for cats, please remember that many cats like to chew, lick, or even swallow plastic. Please avoid using plastic bags or small plastic items which can be easily ingested.

We love our feline friends! Buying toys for cats (especially our toys) is a great way to encourage play. However, it can be just as fun and rewarding to DIY your own toys for cats!

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