The Best Cat Toys for Your Kool Kitty

Any cat owner can tell you that there are tons of cat toy choices out there! With so many options, how do you know which toys are the right ones to bring home to your furbaby? We want the best cat toys for our kitties and we know you do, too!

So, what types of toys are considered the best cat toys for your cat?

Cats, no matter how cute and cuddly, are natural-born hunters. Our furbabies love to play and pounce so the best cat toys will help to encourage interactive play with kitty. These toys will also create interactive play between kitty and owner to help build a mutual and trusting relationship.

Cats, and especially indoor cats, need mental stimulation to help them burn off steam and to enhance their natural instincts to play. As mentioned, indoor cats need more exercise and stimulation than outside cats since indoor cats typically do not have access to an open environment in which to explore. Here are two of our favorites toys that we consider the best cat toys for interactive fun.



Scratcher toys are great! They provide an outlet for your cat’s instinctual scratching behavior while keeping your cat’s claws trimmed and conditioned. Cats LOVE to sharpen their claws! Our Scratchers are handmade with quality products and are long-lasting. These toys are infused with two pockets of catnip to help entice your cat into using the Scratchers instead of taking their instinctual need to scratch out on furniture or carpet. Some of our fancy Scratchers have LED lights that will light up when activated by motion which provides a unique and interactive element for your furbaby. Scratchers are one of the best cat toys available because scratching is natural and these toys encourage your cat to scratch on a safe, sturdy, and owner-approved surface.


Crazy Furbaby Charmers

Crazy Furbaby Charmers are interactive toys that are great for kitties who love to hunt. These Crazy Furbaby Charmers are infused with catnip and have a rattling sound to entice your cat into fun-filled play. It mimics the movement of a cat’s natural prey which encourages kitty to “hunt” and hone those skills. Not only will Crazy Furbaby Charmers help release indoor kitty’s pent up energy but they are the best cat toys to provide your kitty with a safe outlet to pounce and play with owner.

Both Scratchers and Charmers are great for cats of any age. From Wise Old Whiskers to Rambunctious Kittens, these are the best cat toys to encourage a cat’s natural instinct to hunt and play. Providing interactive toys for your cat will inspire your furry friend to be themselves without becoming destructive to your furniture, hands, or other pets and family members. Interactive toys are the best cat toys to strengthen your bond as cat and owner and to give your cat something fun to do.

Interested in finding the best cat toys for your furbabies? Take a look at our selection of Scratchers and our Crazy Furbaby Charmers!