If you have been following along with our blog, you know that we love our furbabies (and making kool cat toys for them) and we enjoy giving back to the community. We all love and care for our own furbabies but supporting a great cause or donating to a rescue can also be a very rewarding way to show other kitties some much needed care and support! These donations of time and money are especially rewarding for cat owners who have a little extra to give or who are not able to give a home to their very own kitty cat. Additionally, some of these organizations even provide needed medical and dental services and some great fostering services.

Here are a few of our favorite rescues/causes and a little more information about them:

The Cat Cove

The Cat Cove takes in rescue cats and kittens from local shelters and feral colonies. The Cat Cove have numerous TNR projects where they will feed, water, and help to monitor the feral cats and kittens each day. We love the Cat Colony because they are an entirely volunteer ran, non-profit, no-kill cat rescue.

Fancy Cats Rescue Team

Fancy Cats Rescue Team is a great cause that helps find suitable lifetime home for cats! They also try to promote spaying and neutering and try to educate the public on the true responsibilities of pet ownership. In fact, their personal mission is to end needless euthanasia in shelters along the National Capital area and beyond.

The Brodie Fund

The Brodie Fund is a great fund that helps to raise money, through grants, for financial assistance in order to help fur-parents with pets who have been diagnosed with cancer. The Brodie Fund works with hospitals to help pay for life saving procedures in addition to hospice care because The Brodie Fund understands, on a personal level, that pets are family.

The Paw Project

The mission for the Paw Project is to educate the general and unknowing public about declawing. Specifically, the Paw Project’s educate is aimed towards showing how truly painful and crippling declawing can be for your kitty. They effectively promote cat welfare through the abolition of the archaic and unnecessary practice of declawing and to help and promote the rehabilitation for kitties that have already been through the painful declawing process.

These are just a few of the many wonderful rescues and causes available. There are national and local rescue and causes that may need your support. Like all cat owners and cat supporters, we like to encourage people to take a look at those available local rescues and see if there is a way that you can make a personal difference in your community. Grab a friend and organize a movement for cats near or around you!

We believe that rescues and great cat causes can be very fulfilling work and we encourage you to get involved helping both local and worldwide furbabies, too!