Kool Kitty Sisal and Carpet Pedestal

Kool Kitty Toys helped with Solving Mr. Kitty’s Fear Based Aggression! His Kool Kitty Sisal and Carpet Pedestal was the key helping Mr. Kitty, and it definitely has changed his world.

Along with support and guidance from #TheContentedCat , it reduced his fear and increased his confidence! He now has a safe place to go to in times of stress and his pedestal did just that!

Kool Kitty Sisal and Carpet Pedestal

You’ll love the over-sized base on all our Kool Kitty Cat Scratchers! The high quality sisal and dependable materials provide a safe outlet for your cat’s instinctual scratching behavior while keeping claws trim and conditioned. All Scratchers are handmade and very long lasting. Our cat scratchers are infused with two pockets of catnip!

Please select carpet color options available.

Includes: Catnip bag (small)
Size: 18″W x 20″L x 26″H (posts are 5 inches in diameter)
Weight: 20 lbs

Please call or email us if you would like a handmade custom Kool Kitty Toys product made for your furbaby!