We love introducing exciting and new products for our furry friends! Our newest product to hit the virtual shelves is the Kool Kitty Half Barrel Hideout cat toy.  This cat toy is perfect for creating a safe and happy environment for your kitty.

As with all of our Kool Kitty Toys Products, the Kool Kitty Half Barrel Hideout cat toy is made with the highest quality and workmanship. This cat toy is durable plastic shaped in a half barrel to provide a safe hideout for your kitty to rest or relax. Our Kool Kitty Half Barrel Hideout cat toy is infused with two pockets of catnip for your kitty to enjoy while either taking a restful nap or being a ‘crazy cat’ and racing all around the toy for energized play!

It is very important to create an environment for your kitty that allows for them to engage in safe, natural behaviors! Our Kool Kitty Half Barrel Hideout cat toy will help provide your kitty with a secure hiding place which, in turn, will help strengthen that human and cat bond. All cats need to have a hiding place. Your cat, whether he or she is calm and confident or skittish and preferring to run away, need somewhere safe where they can hide.

This hiding place can help your kitty feel secure because your cat will have a toy that will help them take the time to calm down until they are ready to venture out into the world again. Even if your furbaby is one of those confident and never-meet-a-stranger types, he or she will still want a place to cuddle and nap out of the way from the normal household hustle and bustle. Cats who live in a multi-cat or multi-pet household will especially appreciate a hiding place cat toy where they can have some time alone in their own territory.

Our Kool Kitty Half Barrel Hideout cat toy can be placed in any room to provide a little hideaway for your kitty. It can be perfect in the corner of the living room next to some beautiful plants, or it can go perfectly in the bedroom next to the dresser. Or, you can have a Kool Kitty Half Barrel Hideout cat toy in every room! One in every room will give your kitty plenty of places to hide and nap throughout the home and, as they say, a happy kitty is a happy life.

As with all cat toys, our goals as human companions is to help enrich our cat’s lives. We want to provide them with cat toys that will mimic natural instincts and provide healthy and safe play. When we provide our furbabies these environment enriching toys, we are creating a home where a happy cat can thrive. Accepting our kitty’s natural instincts and giving them toys that go with those instincts is one of the best ways to strengthen human and cat bond!

Kitty will learn to trust and love us because we provide them with the environment they need. Our Kool Kitty Half Barrel Hideout cat toy will be the perfect way to create a hiding place for your multiple or single cat household– not only can this toy provide safe hiding places for napping and relaxing but it can also provide a place of zany fun and chase scenes!