Frequently Asked Questions


Questions: Where are your products made?

Answer: All our products are handmade in the USA.


Question: How are your products made?

Answer: Every Kool Kitty Toys product is made with your furbabies comfort and happiness in mind. Most of our custom products (cat scratchers & cat trees) are made with a base of heavy wood, a layer of cardboard, a couple of embedded catnip, and a the top layer is real carpet. We’ve found that this patent pending technique has been the most effective in giving your furbaby the most comfort and pleasure!


Question: Who makes your products?

Answer: Every product is made by Disabled American Veterans or their family members make them (i.e. Our Grandma “T” Catnip Infused Padded Fleece Blankets are made by an amazing mother and grandmother.)


Question: How long does it take to a custom tree?

Answer: Generally, it will take 3 – 5 days to make a custom tree not including shipping time (Less time for most other products.) Shipping time may vary depending on location and delivery schedule.


Question: Why does it take so long to make a custom tree?

Answer: Every tree is made to order. Most trees are unique and one of kind, they are based on your design specifications and materials used or requested. There’s always a Kool flare to them, which we pride ourselves on to make them amazing!


Question: What do I do if I have a problem with a tree or another product?

Answer: Please call us (1-844-CAT-TOYS or 1-315-209-5444), we are happy to make you and your furbaby happy! With most of our trees, custom trees, and other custom products, we include a 2 Year warranty on any structural challenges or issues.


Question: How much does a custom product cost?

Answer: Each custom product is unique! Please call and ask us? Generally, without shipping we try to keep a price range within $200.00 – $400.00. We are a very small company and our pricing is very competitive. Other scratcher, trees, and store bought products don’t have the durability strength or size that we can and will provide.


Question: Where can I purchase a Kool Kitty Toys product?

Answer: You can call us or email us, visit one of our many online stores (www.koolkittytoys.com, Etsy Store, Shopify Store), or visit Chico’s Natural Pet Food Store in Falls Church, Virginia, and more stores are in the works. J


Question: What do I do if I see a Kool Kitty Toys product in a website or social media post and its not on the website for sale?

Answer: Please call us or email us koolpets@koolkittytoys.com , 1-844-CAT-TOYS or 315-209-5444.


Question: Why does it cost so much to ship a product?

Answer: Kool Kitty Toys is a very small Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. We try to find the best possible shipping price to keep our cost down and keep our prices competitive. (We are open to other shipping or delivery options, so please call or email us if you have a preference for shipping, delivery, or pickup.) In addition, most of our products are pre-made and come fully assembled. We will do the best we can to work with you on shipping.


Question: Why are Kool Kitty Toys different than other pet products?

Answer: We try to make every product more like furniture so they fit in with your décor and so they are Kool enough to place anywhere in your home!


Question: Where do I go if I would like to request a donation for our rescue organization?

Answer: In most cases we provide donations to non-profit rescues that are registered 503 (c) 3. We try to do the best we can, and support however we can with consideration to time and funding available because we are a very small business.


Question: Who are the owners of Kool Kitty Toys?

We are Disabled American Veterans who wanted to continue to give back to a greater cause and help furbabies. We want to make better products than you can either buy in stores or buy online from other retailers. We personally foster the hardest to adopt Kool Kitties or Kitties who have special needs (diabetes, cancer, etc.), and at any given time your will find 8+ fosters in our home. Some may be long term fosters and some may need some time to be at peace where they are loved!


Question: What will Kool Kitty Toys build?

We will try to build any furbaby idea or custom product for your furbaby. A lot of our amazing ideas come from our amazing customers!


Question: Do we or can we do wholesale to other stores?

Yes, we are happy to negotiate options for wholesaling. Please feel free to contact us at koolpets@koolkittytoys.com , 1-844-CAT-TOYS or 315-209-5444.