We have so many fun and exciting catnip infused cat toys for your kitties! Whether it’s a warm and comfy Grandma “T” Catnip Infused Padded Fleece Blanket for naps or our new Kool Kitty Half Barrel Hideout for sneaky hiding places, we love our catnip infused cat toys and so do your furbabies. Really, catnip infused toys are fun for human owner and kitty!

So what exactly are catnip infused cat toys? Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is a perennial herb in the mint family that typically blooms in autumn and has unique leaves that are triangular in shape.  Catnip and catnip infused cat toys affects your kitty differently depending on how kitty interacts with the herb. Interestingly, the chemical compound in catnip that attracts cats is called nepetalactone and when catnip is sniffed by a cat it gives kitty a happy high for about ten minutes or so– you’ve probably seen this ‘crazy cat’ reaction before! However, if kitty eats catnip then the herb acts more like a sedative but most cats react to catnip infused cat toys by rolling around, pawing at the catnip, licking or chewing it, or being all around hyperactive.

While catnip infused cat toys are great toys for your adult cat, most kittens will not react to catnip. Typically, the sensitivity to catnip does not appear until a cat is several months old and because of this, kittens do not react to the nepetalactone in catnip! It’s okay to get catnip infused toys for kitten but they may not appreciate the catnip chemical reaction until they’re older.

Anything can be a catnip infused toy as long as it is safe for kitty to play with. After you order one of our Kool Kitty catnip infused cat toys and you’re waiting on it to arrive, you can make your own catnip infused cat toy to entertain kitty and see how kitty reacts to catnip! Grab a mismatched sock or two and fill it with catnip then sprinkle a little on the outside and let your kitty have some serious fun! Your happy furbaby will be rolling around and rubbing his face on the makeshift catnip infused cat toy in minutes!

Even though catnip can be a fun toy, it is recommended to ‘catnip in moderation.’ If your kitty eats too much of the catnip then it can upset his or her tummy so be sure to regulate kitty’s catnip consumption. When smelling the catnip, typically the catnip high only lasts about ten to fifteen minutes so there is no danger of kitty having too much catnip by smelling it.

Get creative with your catnip infused toys! Socks or hand towels work great for rolling around. Or if you want to encourage kitty to use a scratching post then sprinkling some catnip on the scratching post and that will direct your cat’s attention to the scratcher instead of expensive furniture. If you’re really crafty then you can break out the sewing machine, grab a pattern, and make a few little stuffed catnip infused cat toys right at home!