Cat Toys for the Kitty who Loves to Nap


As a cat owner, you have probably heard the phrase “cat nap.” In fact, you may have witnessed your furbaby having his or her own cat nap. Go take a peek at your kitty, and there’d be a chance that kitty is napping on a tried-and-true favorite nap spot. Whether that napping spot is your shirt, the edge of the bed, or your computer chair, cats just love to nap! And we love to treat our sweet furbabies to new cat toys. With our mats and blankets we can gift our feline companions with cat toys specifically made with cat naps in mind! Talk about a happy cat!

Our selection of mats and blankets are purrrfect for giving kitty a warm spot. Our mats and blankets will entice kitties to sleep and play. Cats love being warm– we have all had a cat in our lap at some point, so we know exactly how much our kitties love being warm and cuddly. Combine warmth and comfort with catnip and you have a very, very content kitty. We can hear them purring at the very thought of these cat toys!

We take pride in our handmade mats and blankets. Each and every one of these cat toys are handmade by disabled veterans or their family. Additionally, a portion of our sales will be donated to several pet rescue organizations. We design and create cat toys with the cat’s needs in mind.  Not only do our mats and blankets encourage mousing, playing, and rolling around in feline bliss but a portion of their proceeds will help pets in need. Plus, these cute cat toys will brighten up any room and provide a designated napping spot for kitty which is great for cats that shed or want to be close to you at all times.

Speaking of shedding, we know how kitty’s fur can really pile up on their favorite napping spot. When designing our mats and blankets, we made sure to create cat toys that are incredibly easy to keep clean. Every mat and blanket is machine washable and can be dried in a traditional dryer. Easy to clean and cute to boot! Kitty may not care about his or her cat toys maintenence but we cat owners sure do!

Are you interested in getting one of our cat toys but are looking for a particular design or color instead of our stock toys? We offer a customizable option for you and your kitty! Thinking about matching your cat toys to the decor in your living room (or cat room?) Maybe you and kitty have a favorite sports team that you would like to support? We could help you show your team spirit and support your team’s colors! Let us know your customization wishes and we will see what we can do.

While highly customizable, the price and actual customization varies per order and supplies. For more information on a customized toy for the kitty who loves to nap, please contact us!