We are heading into fall with the arrival of October! Humans and cats alike enjoy the crisp, cool weather and delicious Fall smells and flavors. Well, us humans probably enjoy those ‘fall flavors’ more than our cat friends. One of the many great things about October is the arrival of black cat images and decoration. Who doesn’t love to see a stylized black cat on a pumpkin or a cartoonish black cat next to a happy witch figure? Truthfully, we love all shapes, sizes, colors, longhair, or shorthair cats here at Kool Kitty Toys but ‘tis the Halloween season for some black cat fun!

We’re gathering some of our favorite black cat facts to help bring in October and the fall season with our furbaby friends. Share some of your own “favorite black cat facts” so we can add to our ever growing list.

Fact one: in most countries, a black cat is actually considered good luck. For example, in England, if a black cat should cross your path then its good luck which is different than in the United States where a black cat crossing your path is often seen as bad luck.

Fact two: lucky black cats are not a “new thing.” Historically, fishermen and their families often saw black cats as a sign of very good luck and tried to keep these furbabies on their ships and in their homes when they could afford them. Because of this supply and demand, black cats could be very expensive.

Fact three: the “black cat” isn’t a single breed of cat. In fact, there are close to twenty-two or so cat breeds in the Cat Fanciers Association that are listen with black as a potential color.

Fact four: because of the high melanin pigment content in their bodies, a large percentage of black cats actually have golden eyes. Not all black cats have golden colored eyes but it is the most common eye color for these babies.

Fact five: Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17! And for some– Halloween can be an unofficial Black Cat Appreciation Day, too. For us, every day is Cat Appreciation Day!

These sweet furbabies are awesome! They have cute little noses, sweet faces, and personality for days! These black cats even have their own appreciation day. However, one our favorite facts about the black cat is that– well, they like to play with our Kool Kitty Toys! Maybe treat your black cat to some brand new Kool Kitty Toys or even have us custom make something perfect for your Halloween furbaby.

Take a look at our full product gallery to find something special for your lovable furbaby or looking for something custom like we mentioned? We have a custom cat toy gallery with a few of our custom projects. Just drop us a line to contact us about your black cat’s custom toy! The only thing we can’t give your black cat this Halloween season is his or her own personal pumpkin or private witch broom rides!