Kitty Team Members


Big Boy

Big Boy is a very accomplished and experienced HR professional and personnel trainer who was an older foster kitty until he found his last and permanent home at Kool Kitty Toys! He’s currently retired, LOVES MILK, and provides consulting support when he’s not relaxing and supporting other amazing friends Rainbow Bridge!

Dr. Watson

Dr. Watson is an entertaining and loveable character that is very knowledgeable and experienced in testing product height, dimensions, and their overall durability. Although he lost his front claws prior to coming to Kool Kitty Toys this youthful guy is an extremely. This youthful guy tests all Kool Kitty Toys Trees extensively. Dr. Watson has grown with Kool Kitty Toys and he has found his passion as a climber, golfer, and he’s home as a foster kitty at Kool Kitty Toys!



Ginger is an amazing and adorable young lady whose mesmerizing emerald green eyes are as striking as her unique tabby calico coat.  She currently does a lot of marketing and modeling activities for Kool Kitty Toys and has been featured in several calendars. She’s a go-getter and is progressing in her drive to reach the top of Kool Kitty Toys. When the work is done, and it’s time to have fun, you can find her getting a cool drink from any kitchen faucet as the water drips down her back, she gracefully licks it off. This beautiful foster girl found her passion in flying and is currently learning to catch all things with wings!


Jazzy is a senior executive with Kool Kitty Toys and had been with the company since inception! From her roots growing up in Germany to her travels to the American where she found her new home in the United States. She has extensive experience and the qualities to oversea any big or small project and works the business angles and deals for Kool Kitty Toys.  Currently, she’s aggressively pursing her passion and goal to travel and play at every beach in the world!



Lorenzo is the Koolest Guy on the Planet! He has emerged as the face of Kool Kitty Toys as highlighted by his likeness on all Kool Kitty Toys material and logos.  He’s a strong operations manager and developer that has the skills to work with and befriend anyone! He has a passion for peace and always supports and encourages the rest of the Kool Kitty Team! As a result he is a permanent member of the Kool Kitty Toys Company and has found his forever home there! His ultimate primary passion is to channel surf and lounge when his job is done and all Kool Kitty Toys orders have been fulfilled!



Popeye is as likeable and loving as them come! Don’t let the one eye fool you; he’s been around the business for a long time! His devotion and loyalty helped build the Kool Kitty Toys brand and he personally designs and builds many of the toys and custom orders by hand! His ability to see things in a different light gives Kool Kitty Toys the competitive advantage! When he’s not heavily involved in building products for our amazing customers, he pursues his passion for music and loves to sing or rap to anything and everything, while he’s cat nipping out!


Velvet is the social butterfly that takes on the toughest projects for Kool Kitty Toys! He can make just about anything, and has vision beyond his years. He partners with everyone in the company to form amazing teams to put final and amazing touches on all Kool Kitty Toys products. When he’s not getting the job done, you can always find him following his passion to develop new business connections and mingling with everyone!