Our History

In 2014, after being frustrated with poorly constructed and expensive cat scratchers and trees that don’t seem to last, we began developing and refining a new line of products that we and you can count on to be both unique and amazing!

As Disabled Veterans, we wanted to continue giving back, in doing so, we wanted to support cat and dog no kill  organizations and causes we strongly believe in. So, we embarked on creating Kool Kitty Toys to accomplish our mission. Furbabies have had a major impact on us and have helped save and comfort  us, our friends, or our family. We personally consider our furbabies our children and family members! They deserve the best from us, no matter what the circumstances and should have an amazing life and quality of life!

We personally foster special needs kitties and tend to take on the responsibilities of bringing back some of the hardest to reach kitties that have been found on the streets or have unfortunate medical situations. We know how important durability and quality is when it comes to purchasing products for furbabies!

Several of our product ideas came from YOU (our loyal customers) and our own experiences, and they come from the experiences and requests from rescue organizations and the causes we support, furbaby foster families, friends, and family members.

We are a company that puts love and caring for furbabies above anything else!

Please give a chance to make you an amazing product or a custom product for your furbaby!

In many ways we are inspired in everything we do by the boys and girls below. They and our current furbabies are a major reason why we believe so much in our products and what we do, and what we want to do for your furbabies!


Our daughter Jazzy – waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge!




Our daughter Ally – waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge!




Our daughter Ginger – waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge!




Our daughter Kiana – waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge!



Our daughter Nina – waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge!




Our son Elvis – waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge!