The summer is always so much fun! Even our furbabies like the summer because of the many hours of sun-bathing and bird watching. For us humans, the summer means vacation and relaxation– not quite sun-bathing or bird watching but maybe the human equivalent to cat fun!

Traveling for summer vacation can be a little stressful, too. Sometimes it takes a true organizational master to have everyone ready and packed for the adventure ahead. Unfortunately, our furbabies can’t always travel with us or enjoy a vacation so we have to think of cat toys to keep them busy this summer while they have the house to themselves.

1. Kool Kitty Space Saving Corner Cat Scratchers

As a cat owner, we know that kitty’s natural instinct is to scratch so we try to give them cat toys that lets them give into that instinct without targeting our beloved furniture. Especially while we are on vacation, our scratcher cat toys can encourage kitty to scratch in an encouraged place instead of the carpet or somewhere unwanted. Our handmade scratchers are durable and infused with two pockets of catnip to keep kitty interested and wanting to return for more play. Every handmade cat scratcher is double bonded with glue and staples and weigh about 14 pounds. We even have select carpet color options. You can choose a scratcher with the following carpet color options: black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, and white.

  1. Grandma “T” Catnip Infused Padded Fleece Blanket

This washable fleece blanket will give your kitty the perfect place to catch a nap and maybe even some dreams about mice! While you’re away on vacation, your furbaby won’t have their favorite napping place because you’ll be kicking back at the beach. This soft, warm cat toy can give your kitty somewhere to sleep while you’re away and help them feel comfortable until you can return home for snuggles. Also, you can make these fleece cat toy blankets smell like you so when you’re away, your kitty will have that little reminder when they miss you! Just wrap the blanket up in a t-shirt for a day and, when you leave, your furbaby will have a reminder smell of you to comfort them while you’re gone.