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From lounging to leaping, Kool Kitty Toys are a purrrrrfect way to entertain your cats. Our cat toys, scratchers, steps, blankets and accessories are made of high quality and come in many styles and colors.



Is there any more joyful site than your cat at play? Blessed with natural curiosity, predatory instinct, and athletic bodies, cats use play to learn, to let off steam, and to bond with their humans.

Kool Kitty Toys creates products that are designed for your cat’s natural play instincts: climbing, hiding, pouncing and leaping, scratching, or curling up for a blissful nap. Made of high quality materials and built to order, Kool Kitty Toys can take all the playful roughhousing your feline friends can dish out. Our cat toys are handmade and made with love!

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What Our Customers are Saying

We love our customers and they love us! Learn more about how we have helped create functional and beautiful cat toys and accessories!

“Joel was an absolute pleasure to work with. When my older kitties started having trouble making it up the stairs to my extra tall bed, Joel custom designed an amazing ramp to fit my needs and aesthetic style! The finished product is just beautiful. Best of all, my critters love it! Joel worked quickly and thoughtfully to construct a beautiful piece of furniture I can be proud to have on display.”

John R.

“The cat scratchers are absolutely amazing!! Both Rupurrt and Buddy adore them, using them frequently. They are built so well, I don’t have to worry about the boys pulling them over on themselves. Buddy will stretch out on the sisal rope one, pulling down as he goes, the scratcher stays sturdy without even being under a piece of furniture! The cup holder is also a plus, we use it for a cup holder/cat toy holder!”


“Let me just start by saying Kool Kitty toys is amazing! The products are so well made, sturdy and with the cats needs put first. I am a cat behavior consultant, owner of The Contented Cat, and not only do my cats love Kool Kitty toys, but so do my clients’. They make the scratchers tall enough so that cats can really stretch the way they need to with no worries of toppling over. The addition of having them catnip infused is genius! Kool Kitty Toys is also standing strong against declawing and making products to help frustrated pet owners save their furniture. Thank you for your anti-declaw stance and your support of The Paw Project.”

Sally W.

“Max Banderas and Josie Marie enjoying their cat tower which was remodeled by Kool  Kitty Toys.  Josie is especially glad to have her favorite cubby holes back, and she doesn’t even mind sharing with Max.  This was an old, really beaten up old tower, but Kool Kitty Toys made it look better than new!”

Kathy H.

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Kool Kitty Toys let you and your cat share playtime fun and encourage kitty’s physical and mental well-being. Increase the bond you have with your pet with our high quality cat toys that offer hours of playtime fun.