Custom Cat Toys

We create many custom cat toys, stairs and scratchers for our customers. Take a look at some of our previous work and if you would like a custom toy made for yourself, please contact us.



Custom Cat Toy Gallery

DSC 0062JPG DSC 0061JPG DSC 0066JPG DSC 0071JPG DSCN0016 DSCN0015 DSCN0019 DSCN0018 54  Custom Tree (Gold Stain) 2 54  Custom Tree (Gold Stain) 4 54  Custom Tree (Gold Stain) 5 54  Custom Tree (Gold Stain) 54  Custom Tree (Gold Stain) 3 25  Window 2 Tier Platform (Blue) 15  Custom Kitty Stairs 46  Custom Slim Fit (Blue) Tree 2-Tier Platform (Gray) Custom 5 ft Martini Glass 3 Custom 2 Tier Stand Custom 5 ft Martini Glass 2 Custom 5ft Martini Glass Custom 8 ft Tree Custom 6-Tier 60  Tree (Blue) Custom 28  Kitty Patio Stairs Custom 9 Ft. Tree Custom 15  Kitty Stairs Custom 54  Slim Fit Tree (Green) Custom 31  Doggie Stairs Custom 64  Cedar Tree Custom 64  Tree (Brown) Custom 64  Tree (Tan) Custom 80  Wood Tree (White) Custom Bird Stand Holder Custom Cat Litter Box Holder Custom Kat-Binet 1 Custom Cross Window Tree Custom Night Stand 2 Custom Kat-binet 2 Extra Large 31  Kitty Stairs Custom Night Stand
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Custom X-Large Kitty Stairs 28

Nothing Makes Your Cat Happier Than Custom Cat Toys

Custom Cat toys bring out the playfulness in your kitty friend, but they also serve a much more important purpose. Custom Cat toys help fend off boredom, while increasing your cat’s activity level, exercise, problem-solving ability, and alertness. Find and save on custom cat toys at Kool Kitty Toys. SHOP NOW.